4 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Dance Class


Now’s the time to learn to dance, but where do you start and how do you choose the perfect dance class? The style or genre of dance, the music used in the classes, the instructor, and class level are all reasons you might choose one class over another.


There are thousands of different dance styles. If you’re just starting out on your dance journey, learn a bit more about different dance styles from around the world by watching this short video.

Now that you know a little bit more about what different styles look like around the world, and where they came from, take a look at the styles we currently offer at Joy of Motion: African, Ballet, ContemporaryDance FitnessHip HopJazz, Kidmotion, Modern, Tap, World.


Finding a class that fits your skills and experience is next! Whether you’re just starting out, or have been dancing for years, finding the right dance class level can be really challenging and every dance studio talks about leveling a little differently. At Joy of Motion, we teach brand new and experienced dancers of all ages, learn more about how we define levels for Adults and Youth by clicking the links or scrolling.


Choosing an instructor that helps motivate and challenge you is so important and can make all the difference in your training. Get to know our teaching artists here. We suggest trying out classes with a few different teachers until you find one that speaks to your learning style.


The last and most important step in finding a dance class is committing to take it! We’ve saved a spot in class just for you, sign up today!

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Still need some guidance?

Reach out to our staff for a recommendation, we can help!


Adult Class Levels

Brand New to Dance: Adult Intro I (Series)
Some Experience: Adult Intro II (Series)
Dance Fitness Classes for Everyone
Community Classes for Adults (Drop-In): 1+ years of experience, most adult dancers will be in this level!
Intermediate/Advanced Classes for Adults (Drop In): Moderate to extensive experience

Youth Class Levels

Kidmotion (Ages 2-5)
Level I
Youth Level II
Youth Level III / IV
Youth Performance Training

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