Bethesda Studio Update: Purple Line and Bethesda Crossing Construction

Hello Dancers!

Due to news we received today about Purple Line construction and improvements to the Bethesda Crossing building, please give yourself extra time to get to your classes at the Bethesda Studio for the next 12 weeks.

It is our understanding that pedestrian routes will remain open. If you typically park in the Waverly garage run by Montgomery County, you should be unaffected.

For students who are dropped off or picked up on Waverly Street: if you find that Waverly Street is backed up or that you are not able to drive down the road, there is an alternative entrance where 47th Street wraps around to meet Elm Street.

The entrance (shown here) is underneath a sign that says “Nailines” and “ABC Imaging,” and there are windows with decals that say “Lunch and Salad, Jean’s Deli” across from a building that says 4600 Elm Street.

Go up the staircase, and enter the building through the door on the right. Go straight down that hallway to get to the building lobby then turn right to get to the elevator bank!

Please note: Elm Street is a one-way street coming up to Wisconsin Avenue. To access, you must turn onto Willow Lane, then onto 47th Street, and then left onto Elm Street.

The information we received from the building manager at Bethesda Crossing about how this may impact drop off or the way you walk into the studio is still a bit incomplete. We’ve attached the memos that we received from the building manager today here.

Of course, we will keep you as updated as possible, as new information comes to light.

Our friendly studio staff is here to help you should you have any questions! Please reach out to us at 202.813.9505


The Joy of Motion Staff