TRANSFORMATIVE MOVEMENT: 2017-2018 Annual Report

(Cover Image) Transformative Movement: Joy of Motion Dance Center's Annual Report September 2017 - August 2018 (click to download PDF)____________________

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Joy of Motion Dance Center’s 2017-2018 Annual Report is here!

An interactive version of this report is available below; full-size print versions are available in our studios and for download below:




In our annual report, we celebrate the creativity, energy, and passion that you bring to Joy of Motion. Whether you are a student, teacher, artist, performer, or donor (or all of the above), you are essential to keeping the organization “in motion” — now and in the years to come.

At Joy of Motion, we are proud to offer a broad range of programs, engage a wide range of dancers (from children to seniors, from first-timers to professionals), and weave dance into the fabric of the region. Together, we can ensure that dance is not a rare occasion or singular event — but rather, a component of daily life.

Thank you for broadening access to the performing arts and creating access points to this incredible discipline.

See you in the studio!

Joy of Motion Dance Center, Leadership Team


Catalogue for Philanthropy 2017-2018 Seal DC Commission on the Arts and HumanitiesThe Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency


Joy of Motion cultivates a diverse community of dance students, educators, artists, and audiences in the DC metropolitan area by providing exceptional dance education and performances that open doors for learners of all ages and abilities.


Excellence, Personal Growth, Community, Inclusion


Joy of Motion believes that dance is a celebrated component of lifelong learning, well-being, and a thriving society.


Dance is for everyone!

Series Classes

SERIES CLASSES: Digital multi-week classes for youth and adults that are curriculum based. Focused on building technical skills, honing specific techniques, and working towards greater mastery of a style.
4-20 students in a class.

Drop In Classes

DROP IN CLASSES: Individual digital classes offered on a regular schedule. These classes focus on developing artistry in a given style, fun, and/or fitness.
4-100+ students in a class.

Workshops, Masterclasses, and Special Events

Classes and events that are offered outside of the normal schedule for our community! Feat. guest teaching artists, webinars or classes focused on history, film screenings, & more.

Performing Ensembles & Classes

PERFORMING ENSEMBLES & CLASSES: Coming soon! Digital multi-week classes and performance ensembles for dancers serious about performing onstage and onscreen.





Drop-in and series classes in a multitude of dance styles for students of all ages and stages of development.

In our 42nd year, Joy of Motion continued to provide a broad spectrum of adult and youth classes, enabling dancers of all ages to incorporate dance into their daily lives. We are committed to offering dance classes every day of the week, nearly every day of the year, in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

2017-2018 ACTIVITIES

  • 90+ adult “drop-in” classes, including African fusion, ballet, conditioning, flamenco, heels, hip hop, jazz, modern, tap,
    and Zumba
  • 25-30 adult series classes each session, aimed at brand-new dancers (or those looking to try a brand-new style)
  • 140 youth series classes each session, for ages 2-18, including ballet, creative moment, dancer conditioning, flamenco, hip hop, jazz, modern, tap, and Toddlers in Motion



Rigorous conservatory-style training programs and master classes for youth and adult students.

We were excited to expand our Dance Institute training programs substantially in recent years, creating opportunities for youth in jazz and tap and a year-round, conservatory-style program for adult dancers — including beginners.

2017-2018 ACTIVITIES

  • Broadway Dance Academy (launched in 2017-2018), offering in-depth training in tap and jazz and drawing inspiration from innovative choreography throughout the history of the American musical theater
  • LEAP! Program for Adults (launched in 2016-17), providing three levels for adult dancers, with a focus on ballet, jazz, and modern
  • Youth Dance Ensemble, celebrating its 18th season and offering six preparatory levels and a Company
  • Modern Master Class series, featuring guest artists from Martha Graham Dance Company, Mark Morris Dance Group, and the former Merce Cunningham Dance Company, among others


Partnerships with schools and community organizations that broaden access to dance and facilitate youth development through the performing arts.

Our community engagement “pillar,” Motion Exchange, has two key aims: integrate dance into student life throughout the District and broaden access to the discipline. Strong partnerships remain essential to that goal.

2017-2018 ACTIVITIES

  • On-campus dance programs at 20+ schools in seven of the eight DC wards and Prince George’s County, as well as an 8-week Fall program in partnership with DC Youth Rehabilitation Services
  • Free performances of alight dance theatre’s “Page 115” for nearly 800 students and teachers, supported by the DC Commission on the Arts’ Field Trip program
  • Our 14th summer of Step Ahead, an intensive, six-week dance and performance program for older youth (ages 14-18) at Joy of Motion | H Street



Concerts and programs that build appreciation for dance and provide opportunities for students of all ages to grow through live performance.

Our performance-focused “pillar,” Center Stage constantly creates opportunities for aspiring and established performers, from youth choreographers to up-and-coming professional companies to adults who are setting foot onstage for the first time.

2017-2018 ACTIVITIES

  • Nine youth performance companies, including three hip hop choreography, one hip hop freestyle, two jazz, one tap, and two new companies: Shades (multi-style) and The Pulse (street jazz)
  • Three “Studio to Stage” series for adults, including “Dreamweaver,” “All That Jazz,” and “African Diaspora”
  • Three professional Resident Companies engaging in a revitalized residency program, including El Teatro de Danza Contemporanea/DC Contemporary Dance Theater, Motion X Dance DC, and UpRooted Dance
  • Performances at Dance Place (“Mixed Movement”), Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, the National Gallery of Art (with Elisa Monte Dance Company), NBC4’s Health & Fitness Expo, Arlington’s Feel the Heritage Festival, the Atlas Performing Arts Center, and at the Church of the Epiphany with the Congressional Chorus (“We Will Rise”), among many others



<h1 align="center">IN YOUR WORDS</h1>

“When I started dancing at Joy of Motion, it allowed me to embrace myself for who I really am on and off the dance floor. Every semester I become stronger as a dancer and as a person. The teachers care so much about us students.” — 13-year-old CDS and Youth Performance Company dancer, 2015-present

“Bancroft [Elementary School] is a Title 1 school, where many of our students do not have access to standard extracurricular activities. Joy of Motion has helped open the opportunity of exploring dance to students who would not otherwise have that chance.” — Leann Trowbridge | Program Coordinator, Bancroft PTO

“Joy of Motion’s commitment to artistic excellence, collaboration and innovation in their performances and in their educational programming is a vital part of Washington DC’s performing arts landscape.” — David Simmons | Artistic Director, Congressional Chorus

“By dancing in an ensemble, I can make friends and learn how to work better in a team. When I dance, I feel like I can do anything and am excited as well as happy. I want to continue studying dance at Joy of Motion!” — 10-year-old Youth Performance Company dancer, 2017-present


Our audited financials and Form 990 for 2017-2018 will be available online and on Guidestar later this year.

Click the images to view the full-size graphs.

2016-2017 REVENUE

2016-2017 REVENUE PERCENTAGES: Program income 85.5, Institutional 11.2, Individual Support 2.2, In-Kind Support 1.1

  • Program Income 85.5%
  • Institutional Support 11.2%
  • Individual Support 2.2%
  • In-Kind Support 1.1%



2016-2017 EXPENSES

2016-2017 EXPENSES PERCENTAGES: Adult and Youth Dance Education 72.2, General and Administrative 18.6, Community Engagement 4, Fundraising Expenses 2.7, Concerts and Production 2.5

  • Adult and Youth Dance Education 72.2%
  • General and Administrative 18.6%
  • Community Engagement 4%
  • Fundraising Expenses 2.7%
  • Concerts and Production 2.5%


BEHIND THE SCENES: Staff  & Donors as of May 1, 2019


Vanessa Rowan………………..Interim Managing Director and Director of Operations

Helen Hayes………………………Interim Program Director and Director of Dance Institute

Julia Harman Cain…………..Director of External Relations

Sarah Chapin……………………Director of Production

Krystal Odom……………………Director of Community Education

Maggie Walker…………………Marketing Manager

Andrea D’Annunzio…………Studio Operations Manager

Kerry Gallagher ………………Assistant Studio Manager

Christine Tellier ……………..Assistant Studio Manager

Marti Jenkins ………………….Studio Assistant

Desmond Jordan ……………Studio Assistant

Mary Emma Kingsley …….Studio Assistant

Destiny Loyd  …………………..Studio Assistant


Heidi Thiboheim ……………..Board Chair

Natalie Adler ……………………Vice Chair

Beth-ann Roth ………………….Secretary

Kevin Edwards ………………..Treasurer

Vanessa Rowan………………..Ex-Officio Member

Helen Hayes………………………Ex-Officio Member

Katie Cissel Greenway … Board Member

Anita LaRue McAfee ……….Board Member

Aleta Margolis ………………….Board Member

Hallie Sherard ………………….Board Member

Marvin Washington ……….Board Member


Michelle Ava ……………………. Founder

Douglas Yeuell  ………………..Executive Director (1989-2014)


Bloomberg Philanthropies
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

Harman Family Foundation
Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
The Share Fund
United Way of the National Capital Area

Anonymous Family Foundation
Clark-Winchcole Foundation
Corina Higginson Trust
Dallas Morse Coors Foundation for the Performing Arts
Eugene M. Lang Foundation

Capitol Hill Community Foundation
Dimick Foundation
The Nora Roberts Foundation

*This list represents foundation support received during 2017-2019.


Allison Feierabend
Elizabeth & Philo Hall
Elisa Rapaport & Michael Schoenbaum
Laurence & Florence Meyer
Rochelle Bobroff & Alfred Mamlet

Chani & Steven Laufer
Daniel Pink & Jessica Lerner
Eccles Family Foundation
Evelyn Brandt
Flachs Family Fund
Sarah & Ted Wartell
Stephanie Meyer & Eric Dunn
William Cain & Barbara Harman

Belinda Lee
Brent Agnew
Carol Edson
Christen Glenn
Della Larson
Dorothy Dort Levy
Elaine Goldman
Judith Lee
Kenneth & Marti Williams
Laura Riese
Loren Amdursky & Edward Nelson
Richard Gervase & Stuart Delery
Sharon Parrott & Ari Blumenthal
Stacy Fischbach
Tom & Nancy Gavin
Ute Moeller

*This list represents gifts of $500 or more received in Summer 2018 and Sept 1 2018 – April 1 2019.


Beth-ann Roth & Richard Kirby
Elizabeth & Philo Hall
Heidi & Caryn Thiboheim
Helen Hayes
Kevin Edwards
Tom & Nancy Gavin

Aleta Margolis & Michael Brodsky
Anita LaRue
Erva Cockfield
Hallie Sherard Kuller
Marvin Washington

*This list represents donors who were donating $50 or more each month as of May 1, 2019.