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“What is the 45 Degrees Project?”

by Elana D. Anderson, Ph.D.

The 45 Degrees Project is, first and foremost, an opportunity. During this crucial time in American society, when the citizenry is being constantly bombarded with reasons to look outside of themselves for relief from whatever ails them, the 45 Degrees Project encourages participants (from dancers to teachers to choreographers) to identify, connect with and then share their “inner artist” with each other and the world. Yes, we live in a global society, but we are here, not there, and the time is now, not when or then. We must be the artists that we are in the place that we find ourselves, regardless of what might be considered “normal” in mainstream artistic or even more particularly, dance circles.
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The 45 Degrees Project is…
1. A way to build artistic community
2. An inter-generational approach to dance
3. A week-long adult summer dance intensive
4. The outgrowth of a partnership between organizations with similar educational interests
5. For the emerging and seasoned artist alike
6. Inspiring, Eye-opening and Fun
7. A choreographic bridge
8. An introduction to varied techniques
9. A forum for communication between artists
10. The only Project of its kind in the DC/Metropolitan area
The 45 Degrees project is a coproduction with Deeply Rooted Dance Theater.