30 Before 30: Rachel's March Update

Rachel 30 Before 30By Rachel Pearl, Director of Production

February is gone. It just zipped right outta here. So, how did you do? I am experiencing a ton of new energy. I especially felt it this past weekend when my fella and I escaped to Florida to surprise his parents for their birthday. They are Italians. Bread and pasta was served at every meal. Yes, even for breakfast – that’s when we fry the leftovers. I was very nervous about this trip colliding with my plans to become a ballerina badass. I was imagining a very steep dive off the proverbial wagon. But everything has changed. My stomach, though it still sticks out, has shrunk internally. I can’t actually eat everything I see. And boy did I see a lot. I also look forward to vigorous activity. I played with kids instead of insisting on a movie (I’m on vacation, remember). This time I danced in the game room, took the kids on walks and did dishes at every opportunity. I also ate a lot of calories. That’s an understatement; I ate homemade ricotta, nine loaves of semolina bread, puffed pastries and so much more. But I’m certain I ate about half what I probably ate the last time we visited my boyfriends’ Italian parents. I didn’t feel starved, and I wasn’t in a food coma either. Maybe that’s the biggest difference. I was having too much fun and didn’t want to be stuffed and on the couch. No more being stuffed period. Stuffed after dinner, stuffed in my skirt, stuffed into my jeans, stuffed into my ballet tights. No more! The goal is lightness and it is on the horizon.

This extra energy is waking me up before my alarm clock too. I’ve never achieved that before. Changing my diet (moderation and little to no processed food) plus the dance/fitness routine is proving to have systemic health benefits. We also just bought a new memory foam mattress (inspired by a recent Living Social deal) it’s amazing and I’m seeing an acupuncturist. I’ve gone all the way, guys. This is happening. Now I just have to be patient and work the process.

Here’s my to do list for us:

Rachels Plan
Rachel’s work/work-out/wellness plan

Lighten Up
1. Start cleaning your house in your underwear while blasting a Beyonce Pandora Station. Dance when you feel the urge. Trust me.
2. Add a mini workout to your everyday routine. Remember the Power of Habit Investments? Well I’m using that logic to help me get Madonna arms. My favorite is 40,30,20,10. That’s 40 jumping jacks, 30 sit-ups, 20 squats and 10 push ups. Now do that three times before you shower in the morning.
3. Go see dance. I’m going to several shows this weekend during the Intersections Festival. It feels good to be motivated by local, live artists. Let them entertain you and also inspire you to be creative, grow and train harder.
4. Don’t give up. It’s way easier to stop than to dig deeper. I’m talking to you from the horse’s mouth. I’m beyond thrilled to be 20 pounds down (!) and I’m even more proud that I stuck to a plan and finally got here. Make a motivational Pinterest Board. Get an account if you don’t have one and fill the board with recipes, workout ideas and encouraging memes. I also have a small week-at-a-glance dry erase board at home that shows my work/work-out/wellness plan. On the side I wrote inspirational/tough love quotes. It starts with, “Nobody cares about your excuses, Rachel,” “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym” and ends with “You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go.” Make one. It helps.
5. Start dancing in the car. Yes, while you’re sitting behind the wheel. Fist bump, body roll, chest pop, shimmy – whatever! Alone or with friends; let that passerby judge. It’s a lot more fun than white knuckling through traffic. Again, Beyonce Pandora Station. Trust me.

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