10 Thoughts During My First Dance Class in a Year

by Marketing Intern Molly Baldovin

Graduate college, find a job, move out of your parents’ house, and start your own life. Many post-grads find themselves thinking these thoughts. Discovering a new dance niche is not always a priority. This was the case for me, at least. After a year of not dancing, apart from showing off some pirouettes to my disinterested boyfriend in his living room, I stumbled upon JOMDC. After months of telling myself I needed to take a class, I was finally inspired to do so by their commercial. Pumped up and ready to go, I walked into Studio A at the Friendship Heights location for Advanced Beginner Jazz with Maurice Johnson.

Here are 10 thoughts that passed through my mind while trying to hang in my first dance class in a year.

  1. Some people are barefoot, some have jazz shoes, some are in socks. This is good! I have a choice of the five pairs of dance shoes I brought just in case.
  1. Let me find a space on the floor that’s not in the center of the group. Off to the side and a little to the back. Perfect!
  1. Phew! Maurice is warming up with us so I’m not relying on watching the other dancers.
  1. I haven’t felt my muscles stretch like this in so long. I’m starting to sweat. It’s so good to be back home!
  1. This music is awesome! I need to ask Maurice where he got this.
  1. Ab work?! Noooo!
  1. Maurice is encouraging us to work at our own pace. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who needs to rest for a moment during crunches. This I can work with!
  1. Combination time! My favorite part of class!
  1. We’re finally done. I’m wiped out, but also a little sad that it’s over.
  1. People are gathering their bags and heading towards the door…”Oh hi there. That was really fun.” People are smiling at me! They don’t even know me! Thank you for welcoming me back into dance. I think I’ll stay!