Drop-in Classes are ideal for dancers with some prior training who are looking for a flexible, invigorating dance experience. We suggest choosing and signing up for class in advance, but you are welcome to sign up at the studio right before class as well. We are excited to dance with you!

*Scroll down to “Schedule” to see this week’s drop-in classes and to sign-up*

Class Rates & Packages

  Standard Discount *
2-Hour Class $25 $20
1.5-Hour Class $19 $14
1-Hour Class $19 $14


New Student Rate $20/week – Unlimited Drop-In Classes for 7 Days **
Membership Rate  $175/month – Unlimited Drop-In Classes (JOIN HERE)
All Access – 5 Pack $90 each (or $18 per class) **
All Access – 10 Pack $180 each (or $18 per class) **


* Discount drop-in rate is available to Students, Seniors, Dance Professionals, and Military; please contact a studio for assistance.
** To purchase any of these, sign up for a drop-in class on the schedule below and select the deal from among the price options at check-out. 5-packs expire after 2 months and 10-packs expire after 4 months.

What Level Should I Take?

We want to set you up for success. Level recommendations are generalizations and even Beginner-level class can be challenging if you’re returning to dance after some time away. Your body and muscle-memory need time to acclimate! We often recommend erring on the side of a lower level to enable you to ease into class and adapt to the teacher’s specific style. That said, do not worry if you don’t pick the right level the first time around. The best way to know what works is to try! We encourage you to chat with the instructor or studio staff afterwards if you'd like suggestions. We are happy to work with our dancers to find the right fit.

Basics: to start from square one
Beginner (Beg): to build your dance foundation
Advanced Beginner (Adv/Beg): to exercise and build upon a working knowledge
Intermediate (Int): to achieve a heightened skill level
Advanced (Adv): to work for mastery