Joy of Motion Dance Festival (#JoyFest)


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Joy of Motion Dance Center’s first annual Dance Festival is an evolution of the conventional recital model that has been used as a year-end sharing of studio work by students in grades 1 – 12. The new model will highlight the excellent dance education that our young students receive in an outdoor, open, fun and inclusive festival atmosphere with free admission.

JoyFest works to accomplish three primary goals:

  1. To connect the inclusive dance community in the region.
  2. To create and demonstrate dance pieces that highlight the achievement of dance education.
  3. To celebrate students’ progress, skills and maturity gained throughout the year.

Please read the FAQs below to learn more about JoyFest. More information is coming soon, stay tuned and check back here as the Festival gets closer!


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Why did Joy of Motion decide to replace recital?

Joy of Motion’s leadership views dance education from an academic point of view, as well as a recreational one. We believe year-end performances should be appropriate for the age and developmental stages of our students. Classes in our Community Dance School are focused primarily on technique, and a year-end performance should highlight the work done in the studio, rather than focus so heavily on a theater concert with high production values. We believe an annual dance festival is a better way to celebrate our students’ achievements. A recent survey also confirmed that for parents and audience, except for the few minutes when their own child was performing on the stage, the recital format was not the most enjoyable experience.

If you or your children are looking for an appropriate program that provides performance-ready or performance-focused training, we recommend the Youth Dance Ensemble and American Dance Conservatory programs at Joy of Motion’s Dance Institute, or one of ten different Youth Performance Companies at Joy of Motion’s Performance Program. They all have full-scale concerts every year, which is more appropriate for that level of training. The annual auditions for all these programs are now open. Please visit for more information.

Why is JoyFest the solution?

Joy of Motion believes that performance experience is an important component of dance education and that JoyFest is the best venue for its Community Dance School students. The dance pieces will demonstrate student progress, highlighting skills and maturity gained throughout the year. Performance quality, movement style, and technique will be emphasized more strongly than production elements.

How does JoyFest work?

During the festival, performances and events will take place for all to enjoy. With limited exceptions, presentations will take place from all Community Dance School classes in grades 1-12. Each class will be scheduled in a performance slot during the day. Our Youth Performance Company and Youth Dance Ensemble students will also perform throughout the day. There will be no additional technical rehearsals required, and simple lighting and sound playback will showcase the dancers without distraction.

There will be additional family-friendly activities, such as food trucks, a kids’ corner, and face painting throughout the park. After the performance, students and their families can choose to stay and enjoy the day being in a community.

What can I expect leading up to and during JoyFest?

During JoyFest, students will:

· Demonstrate their skills onstage in fully choreographed pieces;
· Source costume from their own wardrobe with minimum purchased accessories;
· Have the opportunity to perform in a relaxed, non-judgmental and celebratory environment.

Parents and families will:
· Enjoy their child’s performance without sitting through a 2-hour show;
· Be relieved of the costs of costumes in addition to the tuition;
· No longer need to purchase tickets to attend.

What is the JoyFest Accessories Fee and why should I pay for it?

Previous years, we included a $70 Costume Fee in the cost of Winter/Spring tuition for students to perform in the ticketed recital. No performance wear fee was included in the tuition this year. At JoyFest, costumes will be sourced from dancers’ wardrobes to lower costs to families and to maintain a consistent level of production. Costumes will be supplemented by purchased accessories that cost $35 per student. This fee is NOT required to pay, but it helps to get the best experience for your child as she/he will dress the same as their classmates at the Festival.

What’s the schedule for the day?

JoyFest is open to public in Fort Reno Park from 10AM to 3PM on June 10. We are currently working on the specifics of the schedule.

What if it rains?

If JoyFest must be cancelled due to inclement weather, family and friends can attend in-studio presentations the following week.

Will you offer DVDs after the event like previous years?

We encourage parents and families to take photos and record videos on their own. JoyFest may release an official video about the event later on, but it is not going to be a performance-centered product.

Final Words

The annual Joy of Motion Dance Festival is for the enjoyment of everyone involved. We look forward to serving our full community with an event that is able to be enjoyed by students, parents, and faculty. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your studio manager at any time!