MOVE Program

MOVE Program classes provide the best of dance and fitness together in 1 hour of power. MOVE classes use elements of aerobics and dance technique skillfully combined by our talented faculty to maximize calorie burn, increase strength and flexibility, and challenge your fitness level. Whether you are new to dance or a seasoned mover, we have a class for you. This exciting program of classes is designed to make you move!

MOVE Program classes are offered on a drop-in AND enrollment basis. Winter 2015 Session 1 begins the week of January 5, 2015. Winter 2015 Session 2 begins the week of February 16, 2014. Each 6-week enrollment session costs $108 per student for 1 hour classes.

Drop-in classes cost $17 per class. Drop-in discount packages are also available for purchase online and at our studio locations. Are you ready to MOVE?

Move Enrollment Classes

Move Drop In Classes