The Jack Guidone Theater: Frequently Asked Questions

Theater Specs

Q: How many seats does The Jack Guidone Theater have?
A: 140, with 20 floor seats, if needed.

Q: What are the dimensions of the stage?
A: 32’ x 36.5’

Q: Is there cyc available?
A: No. We have a black curtain that hides the cross over. We can open the curtain to reveal the white wall behind it, which is used to display a projected video.

Q: Does that mean you have a projector?
A: YES! Additional tech time is required to use this feature. Additional fees may apply.

Rental Details

Q: I don’t have a tech crew. Does a crew come with my rental?
A: YES! We supply your show with a house manager, light board operator, sound board operator, box office representative, backstage assistant, and key grip. (You must use our crew, because they know The Jack the best.)

Q: What nights of the week can we do our show?
A: The theater is only open for performances on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Q: Can we bring live musicians?
A: YES! Because the acoustics are so outstanding, you will likely not need amps. If your musicians insist, they must be self-contained. They bring the mic and amps and we can supply the power.

Q: How much does the theater cost to rent for 1 night? How about 2?
A: Please email Sarah Chapin, Production Manager, at to discuss the current rental rates.

Technical Rehearsal

Q: How long are we allowed to tech?
A: Each show varies. The average is about 2 hours. The tech crew begins building the space after the last studio class and as soon as we’re finished, we can begin tech. Tech MUST end at least 30 minutes before the scheduled show time for the house to open.

Q: Can we rehearse on the stage before the official technical rehearsal?
A: YES! Any additional requests for rehearsal time should be directed to It’s just a matter of scheduling. Studio rental rates vary.

Tickets and Box Office

Q: What time does the Box Office open on the day of the show?
A: The box office opens 1 hour before the show. We take cash and checks made payable to Joy of Motion Dance Center.

Q: Can we sell tickets online?
A: YES! Included with your rental are online presale tickets sold through

Marketing and Performance Collateral

Q: Can we post flyers?
A: Of course – You may post marketing material on any of the In Our Community bulletin boards, located in the hallways of all JOMDC studio locations. Please note that the Coming Soon bulletin boards are only for JOMDC events.

Q: Are we responsible for providing our own programs?
A: Yes. Please create a program with all of your show details, folded with copies to spare. Our box office will place your program inside our Jack Guidone Theater program jacket.

Selling Merchandise

Q: Do you have additional tables for selling merchandise?
A: Yes, but additional fees apply.

Q: Can we have a reception or bake sale?
A: Yes, however, all receptions must be held in Studio C, which is also your dressing room. There is a minimum fee of $150 per hour.

Additional Information

Q: Is the theater Metro accessible?
A: YES! The Jack is across the street from the Friendship Heights Metro station via the Red Line. We’re the most accessible theater location in the city! Metered and street parking is available nearby.

Q: What happens if we’re not cleaned up by our end time?
A: For every 15 minutes you’re go over your allotted time (or fraction there of), we have to charge $50. Our crew will help facilitate the move, but you have to keep an eye on the clock after curtain call to make sure all of your items are out of the dressing rooms in a timely manner.

Q: Are we allowed to store set pieces/props in the space overnight?
A: We assess this on a case by case basis. Please direct all questions to Sarah at the time of booking your rental. Accommodations are to be made prior to the day of show.

Q: I have more questions. Who should I direct them to? How do I book a rental?
A: Email Sarah Chapin, Production Manager, at, and she can answer any questions you may have!